Some Amazing Facts about Cheese

Cheese board
Credit: Pixabay

There is an inherent goodness to cheese that is hard to replicate. Made around the world using different dairy products, a fascinating aspect of cheese is that every region has its own method and style of making it.

It is because of the diversity in production techniques that we are presently blessed with several different types of cheeses, each one having a unique and unmatched character that never fails to impress. 

When it comes to appreciating this amazing food, a great way to enjoy some cheese and wine is while watching an international sporting event. It makes for the perfect snack to nibble on during game parties, adding a touch of flavour to an already exciting ambience.

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Quantity and Production

For starters, it takes a whopping 10 pounds of milk to make just 1 pound of cheese. Yes, there is a lot of dairy loss during the cheese-making process, but in the end, it is all worthwhile as the distinct tastes and flavours speak volumes. One of the ways farmers use to make sure that the cattle produce a lot of milk resulting in amazing cheese is to feed it good food. Since dairy is all-important, in the US, Wisconsin, known as the “Dairy State” is where you get almost 25% of the country’s cheese. It’s also where they love to experiment with different types of cheese, and thus to be a “cheese head” in Wisconsin is actually a matter of pride. 

Credit: Piqsels

Maggot Cheese

You read that right. A delicacy in Sardinia, there is a cheese that comes infested with little maggots. It’s not the most inviting at first sight, and some consider it among the most disgusting foods in the world. However, those who have tasted this weird concoction, called Casu Marzu, swear that its unusual taste is nothing like you’ve eaten before. Not surprisingly, several countries around the world have banned this cheese, but it is still available in Sardinia if you know where to look for it. The cheese is so well known that Gordon Ramsey referred to it as the “most dangerous cheese in the world,” and was left speechless for a bit after having his first bite.    

Human Cheese

Bacteria, as you already know, plays an essential part in the making of cheese. Keeping that theory in mind, scientists put up an exhibition in Trinity College Dublin that consisted of cheeses made from human armpit, mouth, belly button, and toe bacteria. Apparently, the smell of the final product resembles the odour of the individual human whose bacteria were used to make the cheese. Fear not though, this is just for scientific purposes and shouldn’t end up on your dinner plate any time soon.