Seven Popular Cheese Varieties for a Cheese Board

Gorgonzola cheese. Credit: Pixabay / Cnippato78

One of the best and easiest ways to win brownie points for being an excellent host is by plating a delicious cheese platter or cheese board. Not only are they a favourite among kids, but anyone can eat them with a glass of their favourite beverage! We have chosen 7 of our favourite cheese types to enjoy on a cheese board alongside some new & unique ones.


The best way to add colour to any cheeseboard is by including several cheese types of different colours & textures. Gorgonzola is a blue cheese made in Italy. This blue-veined cheese is nutty with a mild taste, perfect for biting down with some full-bodied wines.


Cheddar is not just for kids, but it is an instant crowd favourite. This cheese is an everyday pantry staple for those who don’t love experimenting with their food but still enjoy having a cheeseboard. Have fun serving this English cheese in style!


Fontina. Credit: Pixabay / PDPhotos

There are plenty of Fontina cheese variations, all from different parts of the globe. The classic Fontina cheese is made in the USA. In contrast, the Danish Fontina is made in Denmark & the Fontina Val D’Aosta is created in Italy, each with its different textures, colours & taste.

Affidélice au Chablis

Unlike many other cheese varieties on this list, Affidélice au Chablis is a creamy, smooth and not well-known cheese platter addition. It is soft and can be eaten with a spoon straight from a cheese bowl or dish & it goes well with dry white wine and some acidic, sweet fruits.


Parmesan cheese on pasta
Parmesan cheese on pasta. Credit: Piqsels

Nutty, fruity and slightly grainy to taste is the ever-popular Parmesan cheese straight from Italy. This hard cheese can be too much for a novice cheese eater, but a seasoned one will appreciate it when grated on pasta, spaghetti or pizza. 


Gouda is a creamy, dense & semi-hard cheese that is made in the Netherlands. This cheese is a staple on a cheese board and makes for a delicious ice breaker even at the most fun-filled parties. Enjoy it with rum or scotch and some sliced apples or pears. Cheers!


Tangy, nutty and with a divine grassy taste, Manchego cheese is made in Spain and served directly on the board, cutting it into small triangular pieces. It is perfect for wine & beer drinkers and works well when paired with crackers and ham.