5 Healthy Cheese Varieties for Growing Kids

Child having food
Credit: Piqsels

Guess who loves cheese more than adults? Children, off-course! There is a perfect time to introduce this diary rich ingredient into a kid's diet. And while there may be several cheese options to choose from, we encourage you to start with some pantry staples that are not only easy on the delicate stomach but also a family favourite all over the world.

1. Cheddar

Pasteurised milk cheese is always a benefit when it comes to choosing cheese. Cheddar is a crowd favourite and makes for a perfect snack to enjoy on the go or for a quick treat at home. Keep some cheddar slices for an easy food option for the little one.

2. Swiss Cheese

Worried about refining your cooking skills while trying to send the kids off to school? Swiss cheese is your rescue option! Add a slice or a small block of cheese with some fruits or fruit juice in your child's lunch box and watch it empty out in less than 5 minutes!

3. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is well-known for adding to the diet because of the creamy texture of the cheese and the melting capacity while cooking. Add it to a toasted sandwich or experiment with some mac n cheese options to see what your child craves the most.

4. Cottage Cheese

There are so many ways to enjoy cottage cheese, and this includes creating several cuisines and dishes where this cheese is the star. Try Indian food, or mix it up with a salad, barbeque it or toast it up and have it with a fruit snack to get all the nutrients a growing child needs.

5. Mozzarella

What's white and gooey all over? Mozzarella is a pizza staple, but you can also add it to a salad, pasta or a sandwich to make it that much more nutritious. Plus, the stringiness adds a wow factor that kids enjoy when playing with food.

Feel free to check in with a dietician or a doctor regarding allergies before introducing a new ingredient, especially cheese, into a child's food plan!