Know All About Wigmore Cheese

Wigmore cheese, Credit: Neal's Yard Dairy

Wigmore cheese captures the essence of amazing flavours and offers an array of pairings for a perfect evening. Cheese lovers, you'll love to check out some wonderful Wigmore cheese and wine combinations in this article. If you're curious about theWigmorecheese, keep reading to learn more.

What's Wigmore Cheese?

Wigmore cheese is an award-winning semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised ewe's milk. Named after its cheesemaker, Wigmore - it's a traditional, hand-made, washed curd cheese, which is a method of cheese-making used widely across Europe.

The method of washing the curd helps reduce acidity and allows the cheese to retain its smooth texture and a mild taste. Thus, Wigmore can get quite crumbly when it's young. However, later the cheese matures to a velvety and slightly melting-edged cheese. It takes around six weeks to mature, resulting in a 48% fat content and a white rind finish.

The cheese was invented by Anne and Andy Wigmore, they were inspired by ewe's milk cheeses of Sardinia during one of their holidays and considered exploring making the cheese. It's no wonder that with such amazing flavours, Wigmore has won numerous awards at the British Cheese Awards over the years and a Gold Medal at the 2016 British Cheese Awards. 

Wigmore Cheese Wine Pairings

One of the best ways to enjoy Wigmore cheese is by pairing it with white wine. The cheese has a fruity and mild flavour which works well as an aperitif. Plus, it can be enjoyed as a dessert too. Guests may try sipping Distant Noises Chardonnay or wine of choice, such as Pignoletto Frizzante, which is a refreshing, softly-dry sparkling wine that is a treat to the palate.

Wigmore Cheese Accompaniments

How about checking out some mouth-watering accompaniments with Wigmore cheese? Try the Wigmore cheese with fruit, such as pears and walnuts. Yet another great option is to indulge in a white chocolate cheesecake. Get ready to have a great time savouring Wigmore cheese!