Enjoy a Sip of the Best Spanish Wine with Manchego

cheese and grapes
Credit: Flickr / Artizone

Produced in the Lan Mancha region of Spain, this unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is one of the most popular cheeses of Spain. The Manchego cheese has a distinctly fruity and nutty flavour and the pleasant grassy aroma is what makes it so appealing to have along with a glass of wine.

Check out which Spanish wine can you have with a slice of Manchego so that you can enjoy your experience in Spain.


Nearly every cheese can be appreciated with a glass of sherry on the side. Ask for Callejuela Manzanilla, which has the perfect balance of delicate texture and flavour. If you prefer older, more smoked versions then you can also try out Amontillado or Oloroso as well.

Red Wine

There is nothing more satisfying than opening a bottle of chilled, bright red wine, specifically Mencia with a nice big chunk of smoked Manchego. The cranberry flavours mix up well with the smoky cheese, and you can easily enjoy your summer day.

white and red wine
Credit: Pixabay / PhotoMIX-Company

White Wine

For a much more fruity taste, you can taste Priorat, from the region of Catalonia. The white wine has a fruity golden flavour and combines well with the salty edge of Manchego. Also, try out Albarino as the almond-like taste goes well with the cheese and the acidity refreshes the palate.


Rioja wine
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If you have a nice and large chunk of aged Manchego on the older side, then go with Rioja; red or white, as per your choice. Definitely have a sip of more strong wine, like Rioja labelled Reserva or Gran Reserva as the different textures of nutty and dried fruits make for an excellent match.