7 Well-Known Goat Milk Cheese Varieties to Taste

Goat milk cheese with herbs
Goat milk cheese with herbs

Did you know that cheese is made, not just popularly from cow’s milk but also from goat, sheep, camel and even a donkey?

The methods of making cheese may not be very different from each other, but the milk varieties are several. Read more to learn about our favourite goat milk cheese. Don’t worry, they taste well, just as good as cow’s milk.

1. Ticklemore

Semi-hard, white and crumbly in the centre, Ticklemore is made specifically in England. The ivory cheese has a distinct shape from the mould and is fresh and lemony when you enjoy a bite.

2. Selles sur Cher

First created in the 19th century, Selles sur Cher is named after the region where it was first created. Made in small cylindrical shapes, this firm cheese is sprinkled and eaten with the ash mould. Salty and blue, this musty-smelling cheese is a vegetarian cheese you can enjoy!

3. Chevre

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including loaves, pyramids, patties and drums, Chevre is popularly made in France and is known for being a dessert cheese. This cheese is earthy, tart and soft in texture.

4. Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog
Humboldt Fog. Credit: Flickr/Arnold Gatilao/CC By 2.0

Humboldt Fog is another US-based cheese made from goat milk in California. The creamy cheese is sprinkled with a layer of edible ash and is lemony and creamy to taste. Available in different sizes, the cheese is made in the form of a wheel and is favoured among many cheese lovers.

5. Bonne Bouche

Bonne Bouche is made from pasteurised goat’s milk and is a flagship product in the US-based Vermont Creamery. Sprinkled with light ash, the cheese is creamy, and the flavour becomes strong as the cheese ages.

6. Garrotxa

This is a semi-hard cheese originally made in Spain. The moist creamy Garrotxa cheese is aged for around 75 days and is coated with a grey mould. Enjoyed best with nuts, bread and beverages like Pinot Gris & Chardonnay, the cheese has an earthy taste that makes it more desirable.

7. Formaggio di Capra

As it is said in the name, Formaggio di Capra translates to goat’s milk cheese in Italy. It is tangy and white, and as it ages, the flavour profile becomes milder.