3 Classic Non Alcoholic Drinks paired with Cheese

Tea and cheese, snacks
Tea and cheese, snacks. Credit: Pixabay / Pexels

You may have heard about wine and cheese pairings or beer and cheese pairings, but have you ever heard of simple beverages you can enjoy for a sweet and salty bite? If you are not a fan of cocktails or mocktails, then we recommend trying something new with these pantry staples. Try it once, and let us know your thoughts!

Fermented Tea with Gouda

If you are trying to stay sober but prefer the taste of your drinks to have the same flavour as a barrel-aged whiskey, then it would be the perfect time to try some herbal & aromatic tea. Strong fermented tea, from China or Korea each has a distinct flavour. Tea like Pu'er pairs well with an aged Gouda that has a hint of a sweet, nutty taste, while black tea from a Korean supermarket is diluted with hot water and tastes heavenly with freshly brought chevre.

Coffee with Comte

Cheese, snacks and coffee
Cheese, snacks and coffee. Credit: Pxfuel

There is something otherworldly about enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee during the mornings. Even if you are a die-hard cereal fan, we recommend trying it out with a slice of Comte cheese, either solo or spread on a piece of bread. This pale yellow-coloured cheese, created in France, has a delicious nutty flavour that complements well with a steaming hot cup of strong coffee. Another reason why it pairs so well with this choice of drink is that the toasted fruity taste of the cheese works well in balancing the cream, milk and sugar in your coffee.

Drinking Chocolate with Blue Cheese

Blue cheese and roasted chicken
Blue cheese and roasted chicken. Credit: Pexels

Cheese and chocolate are like two peas in a pod. But have you tried enjoying them together? The best part about pairing cheese with drinking chocolate is the number of variations you can try. Make a delicious cup of steaming hot chocolate and chow down on cold-cut blue cheese or thicken the mixture to sip on darker drinking chocolate, eating it with Point Reyes Bay Blue. Both these cheese types are creamy, but the first is slightly salty & tangy, while the latter is buttery with notes of caramel; perfect to go with the drinks!