Healthy Camel Milk Cheese - Caravane

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Credit: Pixabay / KRiemer

We all love a good bite of yummy gooey cheese - whether that's from goat milk, cow's milk or even from a buffalo. From maggot fermenting to cooking cheese made from different animals, none is more unique than the cheese made from the elusive camel. Camel milk cheese offers you a chance to not just enjoy a different kind of cheese, but you get to taste a unique bite of what you usually have in the pantry. Enjoy & let us know!

Caravane is a cheese made from camel milk earning it the nickname camelbert cheese. Created in the early nineties, this cheese is made in the West African city of Mauritania, one of the world's first camel milk dairies where cheese is made from milk taken from camel herds. Calcium phosphate and vegetable rennet get added during the cheese-making process for a better texture of the finished product.

The cheese is soft white and has a salty, sweet taste. The best part about eating this crusty white cheese is the number of nutrients you get compared to a slice of cheese like cheddar or mozzarella. Are all healthy in their way, but another popular aspect of caravane is the low lactose content.

This diet-friendly digestive advantage makes this particular camel milk cheese an expensive delicacy that is available in a rare few cheese stores & eateries. Creamy with a bloomy rind, caravane is a kind of cheese you can enjoy while sticking to a particular diet. Particularly in the country of origin, this cheese is enjoyed with some red wine, in desserts, appetizers and even dips & drinks! There is no end to what you can do with a slice or block of camelbert cheese.

Packed with over three times more nutrition than a cow's milk cheese, caravane is a good food choice to get started on being healthy. While you're experimenting, try Kadchgall cheese as another choice for cheese made from camel milk. Let us know which one is your favourite!