Must Try Croatian Cheese

Credit: Pixabay/zalazaksunca

Looking for a delicious and affordable way to travel the world? Enjoy it through the food, of course! There is no better way to try out experiences from different cities than through the food - especially the cheese varieties authentic to the region. In this blog, learn more about Croatian cheese varieties!

Paški sir

Paški sir is a crumbly hard cheese which  is tangy and salty in flavour. This cheese is created in Croatia on the island of Pag from pasteurised sheep’s milk. Aged for a minimum period of 4 months to 18 months, this cheese has an earthy aroma and flavour profile because of the food on which the sheep graze. Olive oil, grapes and wildflower honey pair well with this decadent cheese!

Paška skuta

Paška skuta is made from the leftover whey of the famous cheese Paški sir and comes out with ricotta-like consistency. This Croatian version of the cheese is fresh, milky and especially local to the Pag sheep in Croatia. Not only is the cheese low in fat, but full of calcium, zinc and omega-3. Pair it up with fresh fruit for a healthy liver!

Dinarski sir iz maslinove komine

This is a hard Croatian cheese that is aged for six months. The cheese is made from pasteurised cow and goat milk and is flaky, crystalline and firm in texture. The unique quality of this deliciously milky cheese is that it is aged in pressed olive skins for a minimum of 4 months.

Liburnski sir

Liburnski sir is a well-known Croatian cheese produced in the local region of Liburnia. This cheese is hard yet creamy and is produced from pasteurised cow, goat & sheep milk. Aged between 3 to 6 months, the cheese gives off a delicious mild buttery aroma with flavours that include hints of butterscotch with a nutty & tart texture.

Bjelovarski Kvargl

If you love a good old-fashioned hand-made Croatian cheese, then Bjelovarski Kvargl is your best bet! Unlike the other types of cheese on the list, this one is firm and dry, with white grains throughout the cross-section. This cheese is made from cow’s milk and has smokey flavours and aroma thanks to the addition of salt, paprika, and even garlic during the cheese-making process.