Best Ways to Store Cheese at Home 

Cheese paper wrap
Credit: Flickr / Chris Lewis

Cheese is like any other living thing we consume, and requires great care when handling and storing, especially for long periods of time. While it is recommended that cheese should ideally be consumed fresh and as quickly as possible, the following tips will definitely ensure a longer lifespan for your product provided you take proper care of it.

When purchasing a specific block of cheese always ask for extra wax paper or simply use the parchment paper at home to rewrap after opening. It is very important to use this paper and not directly use a cling wrap as it allows the cheese to breathe.

After wrapping the cheese in parchment paper cover the outside with a plastic wrap, and then either place it in a cardboard, wooden or even a plastic box to avoid the cool drafts of the fridge. This will help the cheese keep its moisture and make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Blue cheese
Credit: CC / Hubertl

The best location in the fridge for your box of cheese would be near the vegetables or salads. It won’t smell and the moisture will help the cheese. Also, make sure to keep similar types of cheese together in their own containers like Blue vein cheese or Blue Castello.

Credit: Flickr / Paoletta S.

Another way to take care of fresh and soft cheese like ricotta is by flipping them upside down so that the moisture remains evenly distributed throughout the cheese. Fresh cheese requires special care and a temperature of up to 38° to 40°F (3° to 4°C) as far as possible.