Wine and Cheese Pairings to Remember

wine and cheese
Credit: Pixabay / garavitotfe

Wine and Cheese combinations can be quite tricky, especially when you are just beginning out and have no idea where to start. The taste, smell and texture of every drink and food is so varied that you can easily go wrong if you don’t know the basic.

So if you are getting ready to host a party, or even just want to increase your knowledge of the drink and food pairings, then read on below.

Cabernet Sauvignon with Aged Gouda

For handling the vintage Aged Gouda, there is nothing better than Cabernet Sauvignon. The nutty flavours work well with beer, red or any other fruity wines.

Smoked Gouda
Smoked Gouda, PD Photo

Merlot with Monterey Jack

The Monterey Jack cheese is of classic American flavours. The mild and semi-firm texture is a must when paired with the sweet Merlot.

Port with Bleu Cheese

port wine
Credit: Pixabay / PublicDomainImages

The stunning combination of sweet and thick port wine pairs excellent with blue vein cheese also called ‘blue cheese’. You can enjoy with crackers and even fruit bread.

Chardonnay with Gruyere

The sweet classic Gruyere cheese is paired well with the exceptionally well tasting Chardonnay. The cheese is creamy and unpasteurized.

Pinot Grigio with Mozzarella

Credit: Pixabay / RitaE

Mozzarella is a sweet classic soft cheese that works well with the acidic taste of the Pinot Grigio. This traditional Italian cheese requires a slightly bitter taste to its paired wine.