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Coming from the town of Mondsee, Mondseer is an Austrian cheese made from cow’s milk. Also known as Schachtelkase, the cheese has been produced since the early 19th century and contains an authentic rural flavor of the region. Usually, it is made using pasteurized cow´s milk, but there have been produces of Mondseer made from goat’s milk as well. Texturally smooth with narrow eyes, the cheese is typically piquant and slightly acidic taste due to the infusion of salt water and red cultures. The taste of the cheese is close to Munster or Limburger despite its relative hardness. Each round of rich, buttery and creamy Mondseer weighs around twenty to thirty pounds. It is a very popular cheese in Austrian cuisine specially used in cheese salads, Brett´ljausen, heavy cheese platters and au gratin dishes.

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