What is interesting about Lyon, France?

Credit: Pixabay/christian hardi

No doubt, Paris is one of the famous French cities, but you could also visit Lyon. Moreover, Lyon is smaller and much calmer than other cities in France. Interestingly, Lyon is just a quick train ride from Paris. Lyon is an interesting place to visit too because it has a lot of attractions. Did you know that UNESCO has several sites marked out in Lyon? 

Lyon is among the most visited cities during the Festival of Lights. The Festival of Lights is called the Fête des lumières in French. If you plan to visit Lyon, below is a breakdown of the interesting things the city is known for.

Cinema culture started in Lyon

Next time you visit the cinema, bare it in mind that Lumiere Brothers created the motion picture more than 100 years ago. Precisely, in 1895, the film industry was born in Lyon. Based on this, you can find some of the best film institutes in Lyon. Their invention changed the way motion pictures were viewed. The Lumiere Brothers were born and raised in Lyon.

400 secret passageways available in Lyon

One of the interesting things about Lyon is the availability of several hidden passageways. They are called Traboules, and they are more than 400. To locate some of the Traboules, a tour can take you round. These secret passages were used by workmen to transport their clothing and other belongings without leaving their shelter.

UNESCO world heritage site

Even though Lyon may not be the most visited city in France, it is recognized as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This honor was conferred on Lyon in 1998. The regions in Lyon that comprise the UNESCO world heritage sites are located in the Roman district and Fourvière, the Renaissance district (Old Lyon), etc. Furthermore, these cities have amazing sites and scenes. You will find architecture that has been around since the 12th. Also, Lyon streets are known for their narrow passageways.


If you didn’t know, Lyon is the French capital of gastronomy. One of the reasons is that Lyon has some of the best chefs. Not to mention, two of the country's best wine-growing regions are located in France. The wine regions located in Lyon are called the Beaujolais, and the Côtes du Rhône situate in the north and south respectively. You will find local dishes served with wine. In addition, Saint-Marcellin, a flagship cheese made from cow’s milk is from Lyon. A cheese spread/dip called Cervelle de canut (claqueret) from the Lyon region is eaten alongside an aperitif as a starter.


Lyon is a beautiful city with so much potential. Also, Lyon has an amazing football team that has also achieved a lot. Meanwhile, don't forget to taste the delicious meals prepared at restaurants in this city. 

More so, Lyon restaurants serve some of the best seafood delicacies you can think of. In addition, food in Lyon is cheap because their a lot to eat. There is a lot to see and do in Lyon. Plan your trip to Lyon with the help of a friend who has been to this city or a travel agency, and you will have a blast.