Well-Known Cheeses From Asia

Paneer tikka
Paneer tikka. Credit: Pixabay/firstclick8556877242

Cheese is among the few nutrient food items that are well-liked by people of every age in every country! We’re pretty sure you might have heard about mozzarella or even the classic cheddar cheese, but countless more remain unnoticed. We are here to broaden your mind and tummy with tantalisingly delicious cheese prepared specifically in Asian countries.


Moist, crumbly and soft, Paneer is among the few Asian ingredients known worldwide for popular dishes of India; Paneer Tikka and Paneer Butter Masala. Made with milk from cows or buffalo, this is a vegetarian-friendly cheese used for Indian curries and barbeque meals coated with spices.

Beyaz Peynir

Beyaz Peynir is a Turkish cheese made from goat, sheep or cow milk. Popularly known among the locals, this cheese is soft and white and is sold in blocks and slices after being placed in a brine solution. Manufactured throughout the country this cheese is added to several Turkish dishes, salads and pastries.


Hard Chhurpi
Hard Chhurpi
Credit: Sumit Surai/CC BY-SA 4.0

Not commonly consumed by people throughout the world, chhurpi (or Durkha) is a cheese made from cow or yak milk produced in Tibet, Nepal and China. This cheese is eaten by people in the Himalayan region of Nepal & Tibet. Soft chhurpi is turned into a pickle or a curry while the hard chhurpi is dried in the sun to last up to 20 years.


Ackawi (Akawieh or Akkawi or Akawi) originates from the pasteurised milk of goats, sheep or cows. Made in the city of Acre, Israel, this cheese is now manufactured popularly in the Middle East. Ackawi can be paired with fruits and even eaten with flatbreads for lunch or dinner. This cheese works well when fried because of its mild taste, similar to mozzarella.


Prepared in West Bengal in India, Bandal is a cheese made from cow's milk after separating the curd with lemon juice from the whey. Crumbly and smoky in flavour, this salty cheese has a strong aroma and is sold fresh after production in circular flats. Like paneer, this cheese is also a good choice for vegetarians.