Top Tips for Cheese Aficionados

Blue cheese and fruits
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Perhaps one of the most loved ingredients while cooking or for simply having a snack is cheese.

Now, while it may be easy to use it for cooking nearly every dish, cheese requires a lot of care especially when you are using it daily. We have compiled some very simple tips to help you handle cheese effectively and to get the maximum use out of every piece that you purchase.


While it may be easier in terms of time to already buy pre-grated cheese, make sure you invest a little money and purchase a large chunk. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but it also keeps the cheese fresh for a lot longer. Take some time and grate the cheese on your own to eat it fresh.


Storing cheese
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Like most food items, keeping cheese unwrapped in the fridge can cause it to become dry, hard and inedible. Always make sure you ditch the cling wrap, and use a nice sheet of baking paper to let the cheese breathe. This way the cheese remains fresh and lasts much longer without drying out.

One thing to always remember is that every piece of cheese has a different smell, taste and texture. Make sure all pieces of cheese have a different utensil even when you are cooking to bring out the best flavour possible. Also, make sure to keep the cheese in the wedge form as long as possible.

Cutting & Serving

Serving cheese
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The centre of the cheese is where the flavour is, so cutting it fresh lets everyone have a taste, and it also makes sure the cheese doesn’t dry out sooner. Never serve cheese straight out the fridge. While cheese served cold is easier and quicker, it almost always ruins the texture, aroma and flavour of the wedge of cheese. Brie is one of the many types of cheese that needs to be kept at room temperature to get a nice and soft texture. After all, eating cheese should always be enjoyable!

Another popular tip to keep in mind is to always avoid freezing fresh cheese. Feta cheese, mozzarella and even halloumi can easily lose their moisture and become rubbery, so try buying small portion sizes and use them up quickly to taste their delicious flavour.