Sweet Cheese Roundup

Cannolis with ricotta cheese
Cannolis with ricotta cheese. Credit: Unsplash/Lisa Gageler

If you are craving dessert cheese, you will love to know some sweet varieties to add to your cheese journey. The options are fantastic, from havarti to Swiss cheese, all making wonderful dessert cheeses that are just right for your sweet tooth. Here is a quick roundup of some popular sweet cheese types that you must try.


Eager to try something Italian? Add Ricotta, an Italian cheese made from cow, sheep, goat, or Italian water buffalo milk to your must-have list. The white cheese is quite close to cottage cheese. However, it is smoother and creamier in texture. It's slightly grainy and has a mild and sweet flavour when it comes to taste. Often, ricotta cheese is used in baking and cooking as it easily melts and adds a creamy richness to dishes.

Swiss cheese

Most Swiss cheeses are made from cow's milk and fall under the Alpine category. Swiss cheese has a distinctive appearance and has larger eyes (aka holes) with a more pronounced flavour. When it comes to taste, Swiss cheeses are sweet, mild, and nutty in taste. With its slightly yellow colour, it has a silky-smooth texture. The cheese makes an excellent pairing with accompaniments like pretzels or salted nuts.


Mac n cheese
Macaroni and cheese. Credit: Pixabay/SocialButterflyMMG

A charismatic cheese that's a crowd-pleaser and a must-try is havarti. The semi-soft cow's cheese has a Danish lineage, coming from the lush hills of Wisconsin, and is creamy, smooth, and supple in nature. As it is a semi-hard cheese, it has a springy texture. Havarti is balanced and mild with piquant flavours that give it a beaming personality. Cheese lovers be happy to gobble the classic Danish delicacy that's aromatic, buttery, and mildly sweet. 


Fontina from the Aosta Valley near the Alps is made from unpasteurized milk from cows. The cheese is also made in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and Argentina. It dons a creamy light-yellow colour and has small eyes (holes). When it comes to flavours, it is mild, nutty, earthy, and savoury. The Italian variations of the semi-soft cheese are sharper in flavour.


Provolone found its home in the region of Val Padana in northern Italy. Made from the milk of Friesian cows, the cheese today is made in many countries like the USA and Japan. The versatile cheese has a mild flavour profile with a hint of nuts and salt and a smooth texture.