Some Fun Facts to Know about Cheese

goat cheese with herbs
Goat cheese with herbs. Credit: Piqsels

Do you know the most consumed food item in the world? Well, it's Cheese. Cheese goes well with desserts, salads, and every Cheese is different from the other.

If you are a cheese lover or find it fascinating to learn more about this food, read more to find out some unique and fun facts you might not have known before. Prepare to be amazed!

  1. Approximately over 10 pounds of milk is required to make one pound of Cheese in most cases, making it dense in nutrients and flavour.

  2. There are over 2000 different varieties of Cheese that have been categorically explained and differentiated. You will find origin countries, milk used and even the difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian Cheese.

  3. The world's most expensive Cheese costs over $600 to nearly $1000 per pound. Over 6.5 gallons of donkey's milk is required to make one kilogram, i.e. about 2.2 pounds of Pule cheese. Because of hard work mainly done by hand to milk the animal over three times a day, this crumbly smoked Cheese is expensive because of its rarity.

  4. The world's first commercial cheese factory became operational on 3rd Feb 1815, in Switzerland.

  5. Mozzarella is among the most prominent selling cheese varieties because of the American obsession with pizza, followed by Cheddar.
    Cheddar cheese
    Credit: Pixabay

  6. The Cheese was mass-produced successfully first, in 1851, in the United States of America.
  7. The art of cheesemaking is said to have been discovered accidentally over 4000 years ago, making its history even older than the written language!

  8. As of recent studies, nearly 20 million metric tons of Cheese are produced worldwide and growing daily! This number is more than tea, tobacco, coffee and cocoa beans combined.

  9. Real Camembert is made from unpasteurized milk and is considered an illegal and a health hazard in the United States.

  10. Made from cow's milk in the Netherlands, Gouda cheese accounts for nearly 50% of cheese consumption globally.

  11. A Canadian cheesemaker used nearly 540,000 pounds of milk to make the heaviest and biggest cheddar cheese that was 32 feet long and weighing around 57,518 pounds.