Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Cheese Lovers

cheese plate
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There are many excellent dairy products globally, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest: cheese. Consider all of the things that would be impossible to make without the cheese.

Pizza, nachos, and other foods are available. Who'd have guessed a congealed lump of curdled milk could taste so good? It can improve almost any dish by a factor of a hundred.

Furthermore, a Penn State University study discovered that dairy could balance out the high sodium content of several kinds of cheese. It was also found that milk proteins and dairy fat boost the body's blood flow. Aside from that, there is a slew of long-term advantages to cheese consumption. This is great news for cheese connoisseurs.  

Best Kitchen Tools For Cheese 

While a good wedge or three doesn't require much, there are a few kitchen tools and devices that might help you consume more cheese or enjoy it more. Here are a few cheese-related gadgets that we think everyone considers cheddar to be its food group should have.  

Cheese Vault 

The cheese vault is a convenient and reusable storage solution for artisan cheese. Cheese enthusiasts will agree that the way we all keep our cheese is the worst conceivable way to store it. Wrapping it in plastic wrap is an excellent way to go. Like in a cave, Cheese needs to "breathe" and expel excess moisture to keep its flavor and avoid molding. Until now, the most advised method for storing cheese was to utilize disposable wrappers or bags.

The cheese vault is constructed of food-grade silicon and has a bottom that wicks away moisture and a top that directs any moisture that collects on the inside lid away from the cheese. A divider can also separate two smaller pieces of cheese, keeping each one fresh and pleasant without mixing flavors. 

Cheese Slicer 

The cheese cutter quickly cuts cheese into chunks in a variety of patterns and forms. This is usually equipped with a plane or wire-like surface for slicing cheese. Instead of using a knife, a cheese slicer makes it easier to cut through the cheese. This keeps your finger out of the way of the debris, which could cut it.

Your slicing will be determined by the type of cheese slicer you choose. Check out the best cheese slicers, and find a choice that best fits your needs. They make it easier to cut through the cheese and enhance the flavor of your food. This is an excellent addition for cheese enthusiasts who want to make their favorite meals using cheese. 

Cheese Knife Set 

A cheese knife should not be used on more than one variety of cheese on your cheeseboard, according to dining etiquette. Each cheese knife served a specific job and was designed to do it well. Here's a rundown of the most common cheese knives:

  • Soft cheese knife: Due to the small surface area, soft cheeses tend to stick.

  • Cheese spreaders: are used to spread cheese spreads and creamy, spreadable cheeses on sandwiches and crackers.

  • Gorgonzola knife: similar to a cheese spreader, it's used to sprinkle rich cheeses. On the other hand, the Gorgonzola knife has a sharp blade that can cut through cheese rinds.

  • Flat cheese knife: Holding the blade vertically over the cheese and pushing downward, a flat cheese knife slices off aged cheeses.

  • Cheddar cheese knife: used to cut hard cheeses. Its form allows the cutter to stretch downward and trim pieces with force and balance.  

Cheese Board

A cheese board is a serving dish used to showcase a selection of cheeses to your dining guests. These cheese boards come in several forms and sizes and are available in a range of varieties. Wood, stainless steel, and glass are among the materials used. Dining hosts frequently choose round and rectangular boards.

Your cheese board is essentially more than a serving dish. It should also be meticulously prepared to pique your guests' interests. Remember to serve your cheeseboard with numerous knives, whether you're doing it as an appetizer, main dish, or dessert. To avoid mingling the taste of different cheeses, use a separate cutter for each type of cheese. 

Cheese Grater 

cheese grater
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A decent grater is a must-have in every kitchen. When it comes to cheese preparation, it shows to be a helpful instrument. A grater makes it simple to prepare a meal and add the final touches. It's perfect for grating, shedding, zesting, and slicing cheese.

The market is saturated with several types of graters, each of which produces a unique outcome. 

  • Box grater

  • Handheld grater 

  • Rotary grater 

  • Microplane grater

  • Food process grater

  • Boska cheese grater

Having and using the appropriate tool, like with any job, makes all the difference. The job is less complicated, and the outcomes are considerably more refined. It also keeps your tools from being ruined. When it comes to cutting and preserving cheese, employing cheese cooking utensils will significantly assist in maintaining cleanliness and order.