Delicious Cheese Made from Moose Milk

Feta cheese
Credit: Unsplash/Loes Klinker

The deliciously soft, gooey and stringy cheese varieties are made with different kinds of milk. Whether cheese is made from goat's, cow’s, buffalo or camel milk, it is all of those fresh ingredients that make it so decadent; cheese is even made with moose milk!

Believe it or not, cheese made from elk or moose is uniquely popular and produced in the Bjurholm region of Sweden.

If you have never sampled moose cheese, you are in for a treat. These gigantic animals help create a cheese that is incredibly rare, which is why it is considered to be one of the most expensive cheese varieties in the world! Moose lactate every summer for five months, and the Elk House in Sweden has managed to semi-domesticate three milk-producing moose sisters to help produce four different types of cheese.

Credit: Pixabay/mayos950

The cheeses made from moose milk include the beloved Feta Moose cheese, White Mould Moose cheese, Blue Moose cheese and Dried Blue Moose cheese. Feta Moose cheese, understandably, is the most popular cheese variety with an acidic flavour, creamy taste and different ways in which it can be consumed.

Moose, unlike cows, are a lot more temperamental and have to be handled with a lot of care to ensure they give the best amount of milk from May to September. Workers need to have a calm, steady hand and the patience and skill to keep these beautiful animals calm during milking, as an upset moose can disrupt the entire cheese quantity for the year.

Whether you are a cheese lover or not, the cheese made from moose milk costs a whopping $500 per pound, second only to the cheese made from donkey's milk called Pule. To make the cheese even more exclusive, the Elk House that produces the cheese offers it on-site in the local restaurants and in small shops, to make sure this special delicacy helps bring in business from tourists & travellers visiting Sweden, just for this tangy delight.