Classic Winter Cheese for You to Enjoy

Appenzeller cheese
Appenzeller cheese. Credit: Pixabay

Are you ready for fall? Winter is slowly knocking on our doors and so is the idea of enjoying a warm mug of hot chocolate and wearing comfortable sweaters!

While some may associate cheese with spring or summer, a classic holiday cheese board is incomplete if not enjoyed during the chillier months of the year. If you are planning on hosting some holiday family events, read our winter cheese recommendations.


Appenzeller is a popular Swiss cheese that is sometimes known as being the ‘grandfather’ of all alpine cheese. Produced in the northwest of Switzerland, the nutty cheese has a buttery texture and can be enjoyed with cured meats, making it popular during the winter months.


Produced in the beautiful land of Switzerland, Forsterkase is a cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. This popular Swiss cheese has a woody, floral and spicy taste that is perfect for enjoying cool winter nights. This smooth semi-soft cheese is a delight to try with red or white wine according to your preference.


Have you ever enjoyed a bite of cheese with some delicious cake? Comte, made from cow’s milk in the region of France has a smokey fruity flavour profile which pairs well with some hot toast or even a fig cake. You can also use it to make some mac n’ cheese for comfort food during the cold.


Stichelton cheese
Stichelton cheese. Credit: Flickr/Jeremy Keith CC BY 2.0

Stichelton is another cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk that is produced in Nottinghamshire in England, Great Britain. This semi-soft cheese is known for the burst of flavours with fresh earthy, nutty, buttery and creamy sensations all in one bite! You can try this out with some fresh fruits served on the cheeseboard.


Winnimere is made specifically in the winter months in the United States after hay-fed raw milk is given to Ayrshire cows. Winnimere, an artisanal cheese has a deep sweet woody flavour and this soft cheese is usually eaten by itself or with some fruits and wine on a cool winter night.