Chocolate and Cheese Pairing Tips

cheese board with chocolates
Cheese, chocolates and fruits


Cheese is considered to be one of the most loved food ingredients you can enjoy in a meal or a snack. Pair it with a savoury or sweet sugary delight, and you've got a killer combo; especially during the holiday season

Chocolate and cheese pairings are a hit if you plan to serve it on a cheeseboard for a festival or a party. The subtly of the cheese flavours mix well with the different texture profiles of the chocolate to give you a burst of flavourful delight in your mouth. Try out these cheese and chocolate pairs for a gastronomic experience to remember!

Tomme cheese and Chocolate Chilli Caramels

A different way to enjoy the chocolate and cheese is by balancing the sweet and savoury flavours to create a wholesome food experience. While tomme is fruity and strong in taste and texture, the sweet & and spicy chocolate chilli caramel bites are a unique way to blend the two for harmony in your mouth. You can even try a bite of dark chocolate to offset the creamy sweetness of the cheese.

Gouda cheese and Milk Chocolate

Gouda is one of the best kinds of hard yellow cheese that you can grab on the go for a quick snack. And because of the full-flavour profile, this cheese works well with the sweetness and mildness of milk chocolate. When you combine the two, you get a power-packed combination with a sweet caramel aftertaste. Perfect for enjoying a choco-cheese sandwich- especially for the kids!

Comte cheese and Hazelnut Chocolate

The easiest way to enjoy hazelnut chocolate is by ordering some Nutella! Slathering it on a piece of toast is the best way to enjoy the nutty chocolatey flavour. However, if you want to try something new, spread some hazelnut chocolate on a grilled cheese sandwich. The melted smokey taste of comte, paired with toast and chocolate is the perfect combo for both chocolate and cheese lovers!

Gruyère cheese and Hot Chocolate

Think of a cold winter day and steaming hot chocolate! Then add marshmallows, and you get a mental explosion!  Now let’s add some extra feeling to this picture: pick some Gruyère wedge, cut it in the sticks and sip them on the hot beverage. It’s heaven! This hard, sweet Swiss cheese pairs well once it's melted into the hot chocolate for a nutty aftertaste... Yummy!

hot chocolate
Credit: Pixabay/RitaE

Camembert Cheese and Chocolate Ganache

If you haven't tried adding camembert to your chocolate dish, then you are missing out! Besides adding this creamy, soft French cheese to get a Colombian hot chocolate, you can also use the melted camembert cheese to enjoy a chocolate ganache or even a chocolate con queso. If you haven't tried this cheese-chocolate combination, try it out because you will fall in love!