Best Kinds of Cheese to Use in Burgers

Cheeseburger Sandwich With Lettuce and Tomato
Cheeseburger Sandwich With Lettuce and Tomato. Credit: Pexels / Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

Do you know what goes well with a generous topping of cheese besides pizza? Burgers, of course! Eating a plain burger is never a bad choice, but when it is freshly topped with melted cheese - the calorie-loaded bite is a bonus. Plenty of cheese varieties with a low melting point work well with a burger, but we have mentioned the most popular ones. Mix & match to see which one you love the best!


Cheddar cheese is a classic and very commonly used on burgers everywhere. The gooey cheese gives off a tangy flavour and typically is sharper in taste with the more they age. What makes this cheese popular is that the sharp, tangy taste adds a hint of nuttiness when paired with a fresh beef patty, creating a decadent bite!


Brie cheese
Brie Cheese. Credit: Pxfuel

Compared to cheddar, brie is a relatively soft cheese made from cow's milk. This French cheese has a low melting point with mild, earthy flavours. This cheese is another hit on burgers because the taste, texture & flavour of the cheese don't overpower the actual taste of the burger itself. Try it out!

Monterey Jack

Are you looking to try something new & different on your burger? Try Monterey jack! This Californian cheese is hard & mild but pairs well with a burger with any topping. Try adding it to a burger with sweeter sauces like BBQ or mix up some Italian seasoning and add in jalapeƱos for a little extra kick. Either way, you'll want more!


Gouda Cheese
Gouda Cheese. Credit: Pixabay / Daniel Albany

Gouda is a creamy, sweet cheese made from cow's milk in the Netherlands. The smoked gouda works exceptionally well on a burger patty not only because of the smooth, creamy texture when melted but also because of the smoky taste on the meat patty. Try adding pickles and a bacon burger with the cheese, and you have a masterpiece!


Fontina is a unique choice for adding on burgers, but we recommend you give this a try! Unlike the other cheese types, fontina is stringy & stretchy when you melt it. This cheese is commonly used in sandwiches & pizzas, but pair this creamy cheese on a burger and watch the melted cheese flow! It's yummy!