Amazing Cheese Hacks that You Should Know

Mozzarella cheese
Credit: Pixabay/el_duderino123

Cheese isn't hard to love - and who will know this better than cheese lovers? You can spread it on your morning toast, puree it for yummy soups, scatter cubes on top of your mac and cheese, or drizzle it on your healthy salad. Yes, you're right! It can make your meals extra special.

Cheese lovers who wish to prolong the lifespan of their dairy delights or know diverse ways to handle cheese better, this article is for you. Keep reading for some fresh ideas!

Wrapping in waxed paper

Here's the thing: when it comes to the cheese's flavours that are hard, semi-hard or aged, they need space to breathe. You can wrap them first in a layer of waxed paper.

Freezing soft cheese

Do you find it challenging to grate soft cheese? Try to place it in the freezer. For how long? You can try for around 15 minutes. The freezing makes grating soft cheese a breeze.

Storing with veggies

Can you store cheese with your veggies? Well, yes! Take the cheese out of the fridge and keep it in the crisper instead. If you are wondering about the temperature or the humidity, do not worry - it is perfect.

cheese and grapes
Credit: Pxhere

Cutting perfect slices of cheese

If you are worried about jagged or uneven cheese slices cut by unwieldy knives, try this hack. Keep a vegetable peeler handy to produce thin slices of cheese. Often it works faster than a knife. However, it may work well with semi-hard cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan, and pecorino.

Melting cheese

It's good to know some top-melting cheese - they are just made to melt. Which cheese belongs to top melters? You will find creamy gorgonzola, moisture-rich Brie, and even emulsified American as some top melters. Remember to avoid the pre-shredded variety of cheese to achieve a luxe melted cheese. Plus, try the hack of melting cheese in an acidic substance, like white wine, to produce super smooth, rich cheese. Do remember not to crank up the burner heat; instead, keep the heat low and be patient for a delicious molten end result.