7 Important Health Benefits of Cheese to Know

Cheese platter
Credit: Piqsels

Did you know, eating cheese with or on your meals is healthy? The deliciously yummy and gooey meal ingredient has been kept at bay by most health-conscious people, when in fact, it should be the opposite.

Here are seven health benefits mentioned by health experts on why adding cheese into your daily diet is incredibly healthy, not just for children but also for adults.

1. Cheese is High in Vitamin B12 & K2

Vitamin B12 is necessary for producing red blood cells, DNA and even mental health functions. Deficiency of B12 can cause anaemia and have severe long-term neurological damage. Try regular consumption of Swiss cheese to energize the nervous system or add the gouda cheese to help improve the production of Vitamin K2, which is responsible for bone, skin and dental health.

2. Cheese can Help Prevent Cancer

There is no doubt that cheese is an excellent source of calcium. It is also shown in research that adding cheese and milk can prevent common cancer risks like bladder and colorectal. Prevention is better than cure in this case!

3. Cheese Builds Muscle

Cheese is not just for putting on the pounds. It is also the cheapest addition while looking to build muscle. Cottage cheese especially is popular among athletes and bodybuilders to help during and after workout recovery.

Cottage cheese with fruits
Cottage cheese with fruits. Credit: Maxpixel

4. Cheese Helps the Immune System

As we age, so does our bodies natural immune response when it comes to diseases and vaccinations. Immunosenescence plagues the elderly most commonly, but a recent study has shown that adding cheese like gouda can improve the immune system by introducing gut-healthy probiotics into the body.

5. Cheese Improves Thyroid Health

Thyroid disorder affects not just the body’s metabolic functions, but it can affect the regulation of weight but also cause hormonal imbalance. Adding hard cheese like cheddar to your diet is perfect to counteract improper thyroid function.

6. Cheese can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Scientific study and research have found common links between dairy and low blood pressure when it comes to increased calcium intake. It is important to understand that certain types of cheese, specifically low-sodium are better in reversing hypertension.

7. Cheese is Beneficial for Healthily Gaining Weight

Believe it or not, gaining weight is just as difficult as losing it. While there are many hacks on how to increase your weight, there is nothing more healthy than simply adding a few slices of cheese to the diet. Parmesan has high energy and calories, making it perfect for kids and adults.