5 Popular Greek Cheese You Must Eat

Greek salad and feta cheese
Greek salad and feta cheese. Credit: Pixabay

The COVID-19 pandemic may have hit us hard, but it has also made travel easy. You can roam through the world in one day, and what better way to explore than with food!

We love some tropical weather by the coast with beautiful architecture, and we also love some delicious Greek food. Read more to find out how to incorporate different types of Greek cheese in your meal to get you feeling like you are visiting Athens itself!


Among the most famous and the most popular is the Feta cheese representing nearly 70% of Greek cheese consumption. Enjoying Feta cheese is like enjoying tradition, and this soft, white cheese pairs well with the classic Greek salad. A popular way to appreciate this cheese is by enjoying it with bread sprinkled with olive oil or a glass of beer, Zinfandel or Pinot Noir.


Graviera is among the most popular types of Greek cheese enjoyed by both locals and visitors. The wheel-shaped cheese is hard, oily and compact, riddled with holes in the interior and a crisscross pattern on the exterior. The cheese is prepared in different regions like Crete, Naxos and even Lesbos, with each variation differing slightly in taste.


This is a traditional Greek cheese made from either sheep's milk or goat's milk that is either aged for two-three months or until a year or more to get a salty, tangy flavour. Kefalotyri can be enjoyed with pasta, vegetables or meat and can also be grated on salads, stews or pizza. Enjoy it with a glass of red wine!

salad with cheese
Credit: Pxhere


Manouri is made from either goat's milk or sheep's milk with added cream to make the cheese soft and fresh. It is a semi-soft and white cheese that works well to substitute for cream cheese or even yoghurt. Manouri has a high-fat content and can be used in salads or even paired with dried fruit.


This pale yellow semi-hard cheese is made from sheep's milk but can also be made with goat's milk. The cheese has a pungent odour, but the salty taste leaves an aftermath of a sweet sensation that makes Kasseri cheese perfect for enjoying for any cheese connoisseur. You can enjoy it with an omelette, a sandwich or even with dry, chilled white wine.