3 ways to enjoy goat cheese

Goat cheese
Credit: Pixabay

Cheese is unanimously considered one of the most versatile and important ingredients to any dish (As long as you aren't vegan). What is typically made using cow's milk, this flavoursome ingredient can also be made using goats milk.

Goats cheese has slightly less fat and calories than its traditional counterpart which also makes it easier to digest.  On top of this, goat's cheese is packed with more minerals and vitamins than traditional cheese, which is a big plus for those health fanatics out there.

In this article, we will be exploring some innovative ways to enjoy goat's cheese which we are sure will make your mouth water!

Let's have a peek at some of our delectable recipes below.

Goat cheese infused with honey and lemon

Take your goat's cheese dish to the next level by infusing it with honey and lemon! Simply grate some lemon and add a bit of honey to a bowl, then add some goat cheese and whip together. The end product is a delicious honey-lemon goat cheese that can be used as a yummy spread on your favorite sourdough, waffle or pancake! This is a total game-changer that is sure to impress your friends when you next have them around for coffee.

Mini Goat cheese balls

If you enjoy cheeseballs ( like we all do) and want to explore more calorie-friendly options, then we suggest giving these goat cheese balls a go.  All you need to create this masterpiece is some goat cheese, almond milk, honey, lemon, almonds and thyme. All-in-all, this dish will only have 108 calories per ball which is something that everyone can fit into their strict diets.

Goat cheese jalapeno poppers

Next up, we have a spicy goat cheese recipe to add to your next Mexican themed party. This bacon and goat’s cheese jalapeno popper recipe is probably one of the tastiest dishes that you have ever tried. All of the components combine to create a flavorful explosion in your mouth that has to be experienced. Chop your jalapeno in half and fill it with bacon bits and goat cheese, top off with some honey and pop into the oven. This easy to make recipe is the missing piece to your perfect Mexican night that you have been dreaming about!