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Can My Cat Eat Cotija Cheese?

Can My Cat Eat Cotija Cheese?

While cotija cheese is not toxic to cats, however, it is generally not recommended to feed it to them.

Cats have a different digestive system and their bodies are not well-equipped to handle large amounts of dairy products like cheese. While we, humans, may enjoy indulging in Cotija cheese, it's important to note that Cats are lactose intolerant, and their digestive systems are not equipped to process dairy products like Cotija cheese. 

Feeding your cat with Cotija cheese can lead to digestive upset and discomfort. Stick to cat-friendly treats and food that are specifically formulated for their nutritional needs.

Additionally, cheese is high in fat and calories, which can contribute to weight gain and obesity if fed in excess. Cotija cheese is also relatively high in sodium, which can cause problems for cats, such as high blood pressure and fluid retention. If you want to treat your feline friend, it's best to do so in moderation and focus on providing a balanced, nutritious diet specifically formulated for your cat's needs.