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Tibetan Cheeses

  • Made from yak's milk

  • Country of origin: China, Nepal and Tibet

  • Region: Tibet

  • Type: artisan

  • Rind: natural

  • Flavour: strong

  • Aroma: grassy, herbal, strong

Cheeses are an important part of Tibetan cuisine. Tibetans were among the first few Asians to make use of dairy products, but they don't sell novelty cheeses as the Westerners. Most of their cheeses include soft curds resembling cottage cheese is sourced from female yak milk, called "Dri". Butter is extracted from the milk of yaks and the remaining buttermilk, called "dara" is used for cheese-making. 

Chura loenpa (ser) cheese is made from buttermilk.

Chura kampo is a hard cheese made from the curds leftover from boiling buttermilk.

Chhurpi cheese is made using solidified yoghurt.

Shosha (churul / churu) is a soft cheese with a pungent smell is produced from cream and milk's skin (malai).

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