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Armenian String Cheese

Armenian String Cheese, also known as Chechil, is a traditional Armenian cheese characterized by its distinctive stringy and fibrous texture. It is a type of fresh cheese, typically made from a combination of cow's, sheep's, or goat's milk.

The cheese is sometimes twisted or braided for aesthetic appeal and practicality in portioning. The cheese is stretched and pulled during cheese-making, resulting in a stringy and fibrous texture. This texture makes pulling the cheese into thin strands easy, similar to other string cheeses. The cheese has a mild and slightly salty taste. The flavour can vary depending on the milk and additional flavourings or herbs used during cheese-making.

Armenian String Cheese is commonly enjoyed as a snack or paired with bread, olives, and fresh vegetables. It can also be used in various recipes or melted into dishes. It is often served during special occasions and celebrations in Armenia.

As with any traditional cheese, the exact characteristics may vary based on regional variations and individual artisanal methods of production. It is also made in Syria and Turkey by Armenians.

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