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String cheese is extremely popular, especially among children. The cheese is in the form of strings. The texture is chewy, firm and stringy. There are many types of string cheeses available in the market ranging from smoked, unsmoked, garlic and onion versions.

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Apr 03
There's nothing here so made myself a sort of salad with ranch and a lot of sour. Plus cheese string.. #MooseFood
Jan 30
Steamed string beans with tilapia and pepper jack cheese on toasted wheat bread!!
Jan 29
Fried chicken gizzards/heart, fried potatoes (with added by me sharp cheddar cheese), and string beans!
Jan 27
#YUM! String cheese chopped into bite size pieces, dipped in milk and bread crumbs, baked at 425 for 8-10 minutes
Jan 27
Honey ham, BBQ chicken, Mac n cheese, string beans, candied yams, cabbage, potato salad, salad and cheddar biscuits!
Jan 27
Dinner roast potatoes carrots northern beans rice cornbread string mac&cheese
Jan 26
pesto-mayo baked salmon w/ parmesan cheese and sautéed garlic, string beans and onion 😍 #sogood #wifeyme lol
Jan 23
Ramen noodles and string cheese 😍 thanks for the idea @BNicks5
Jan 21
Carrot sticks, ranch and some string cheese. Mmmmm, perfect #Lunch 😁🍴
Jan 21
Mini pizzas. Made with pulled apart string cheese. #thestruggle lol
Jan 20
happy sunday twittaa ' from my turkey , candied yams , mac && cheese && string beans
Jan 20
Boneless baked chicken string beans & shells and cheese #dinner yes i cook
Jan 14
Looks so good omg “@MamiiJewels: just made some fried chicken, string beans & Mac n cheese 😊😊😊😊
Jan 13
Bored at lunch so I made a string cheese weave 👌
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