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String cheese is extremely popular, especially among children. The cheese is in the form of strings. The texture is chewy, firm and stringy. There are many types of string cheeses available in the market ranging from smoked, unsmoked, garlic and onion versions.

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Jan 09
Great place to get several kinds of fresh pita bread and Armenian string cheese.
Jan 08
May I suggest for anyone with a voracious appetite the 5 pound of string cheese! :D
Dec 28, 2014
@JessiePitts724 dont diet yet! Here, have some string cheese! Enjoy your trip! Post pictures of your travel! ✌️🍀❤️😘
Dec 26, 2014
cheese absolutely love his Xmas gift 😸 it was originally attached to a string and a stick, but when we came back ...
Dec 13, 2014
string cheese snowmen // these would be fun to bring to school for holiday parties #healthy #protein
Dec 12, 2014
I brought 1. Opened the fridge at lunch to find 2. Do I call the police or just not question the string cheese fairy?
Dec 12, 2014
Thanks @Target for making these butterfly snack packages & string cheese snowmen for the kids at the Crisis Nursery!
Dec 08, 2014
#genius. @Pillsbury crescent rolls, pepperoni, string cheese, tomato sauce.
Dec 03, 2014
Live tweet, making grilled cheese with string cheese 😂
Dec 03, 2014
Try making string cheese snowmen for the kids. Some markers, string, construction paper & glue are all you need!
Dec 02, 2014
Not my best but yeeeaaahhh. Dinner! String beans, Mac and cheese and teriyaki chicken
Nov 24, 2014
Pork chops with gravy, scalloped cheese potatoes, and string beans. Happy Monday. 😍👅💦
Nov 24, 2014
Making a quesadilla using string cheese🙍😋😋😋😋
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