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String cheese is extremely popular, especially among children. The cheese is in the form of strings. The texture is chewy, firm and stringy. There are many types of string cheeses available in the market ranging from smoked, unsmoked, garlic and onion versions.

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Sep 11
cold fruit & string cheese for an early breakfast.
Sep 10
Purchased some string cheese at @kroger yesterday. I open the package today and find it's past it's date and moldy.
Aug 26
No bread burger: goat cheese, avocado and nectarine salsa w/ string bean "fries". I dont know.
Aug 26
One time, I went to @couch's house and was shocked that there wasn't any string cheese, but then he pulled out this:
Aug 25
My go to snacks! Bananas, plums, tomatoes, fruit cups(no added sugar), string cheese, cashews, trail mix, pop chips
Aug 18
Pepper Jack string cheese is better in theory than in reality. Now I've got a whole bag to finish 😝
Aug 18
There's a special place in hell for people who eat string cheese like this...
Aug 17
Deconstructed bacon cheese burger soup topped with truffle shoe string fries and crustini
Aug 16
Now that's what u call a cheese string 😂
Aug 16
Cider & donuts for lunch!!@JustinBarends (& string cheese)
Aug 16
So perfectly sliced, didn't even use anything but my hands. It's string cheese :'D
Aug 13
Conish hens topped with French onion , Mac and cheese , string beans and rice #mywork late night 😋😋
Aug 11
8-11 bfast: banana. String cheese and 3 hard boiled eggsz. Lunch: chicken in salad and baked zucchini / coke
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