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String cheese is extremely popular, especially among children. The cheese is in the form of strings. The texture is chewy, firm and stringy. There are many types of string cheeses available in the market ranging from smoked, unsmoked, garlic and onion versions.

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Jan 26
Slice up string cheese for a fun and easy snack! String Cheese Veggie and Fruit Kabobs:
Jan 26
Cut up string cheese, dip in skim milk, then Italian bread crumbs. Bake at 425 for 7-10 minutes.
Jan 26
Jan 22
Today's #ThriftyThursday! Snowmen String Cheese. Supplies: black paper, ribbon, tape, scissors & black/orange markers
Jan 22
Ran out of cheese. String cheese works right??
Jan 19
is this a string cheese or a cheese snack (asking for a friend)
Jan 18
@SargentoCheese pizza muffins are a fave in our kitchen, especially with string cheese from #sargentogameday #entry
Jan 18
1/2 time=snack time! Sargento string cheese mini mozz bites! #SargentoGameDay
Jan 17
Look what I have. Beats string cheese. Now, whenever you see Babybel, think of me.
Jan 09
Great place to get several kinds of fresh pita bread and Armenian string cheese.
Jan 08
May I suggest for anyone with a voracious appetite the 5 pound of string cheese! :D
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