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Quark (Australian)
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Quark (Australian)

Australia boasts one of the world’s leading dairy industries. A variety of dairy products are produced here because of its clean, lush pastures and diverse climate. With the access of technology from England in 1850s, it started making more than 160 varieties of cheeses.           

Quark is a fresh unripened cheese tracing its origin to Germany and Austria. Known as Topfen in Austria, it is a traditional, creamy, vegetarian, fresh cheese prepared from cow's milk. It is moist, snowy white in color with a subtle taste and smooth & soft texture. Since fresh cheeses have a short shelf life, Quark has to be eaten within a week of purchase or use-by-date. The flavor does not develop into a deep, rich taste instead continues to produce a delicate and milky essence. Quark is said to be a cross between yogurt and cottage cheese but with a very low fat content. The cheese makes a great base for many recipes such as cheesecake, pastas, creamy sauces and desserts. It pairs well with Champagne White sparkling, Pacherenc-du-vic-bilh White, Coteaux-du-layon White, Monbazillac White and Cadillac White.

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