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Orla is a modern, farmhouse, unpasteurised, organic, vegetarian, semi-hard cheese made from sheep's milk. It has a round shape with fine, orange, brine-washed crust. It is one of the cheeses that belongs among semi-soft and hard, depending on the degree of maturity. Orla is supple and decidedly semi-soft when young. After being aged in cellars for up to six months, it resembles Manchego in texture, although it is less oily. The mature cheese is sharp and salty, while retaining the burnt-sugar flavour so typical of sheep's milk. Orla is matured for 2-6 months.

  • Made from pasteurized sheep's milk
  • Country of origin: Ireland
  • Type: semi-hard, brined
  • Texture: firm
  • Rind: washed
  • Colour: orange
  • Flavour: salty, sharp
  • Aroma: earthy, strong
  • Vegetarian: yes

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