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Mozzarella (Australian)
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Mozzarella (Australian)

Mozzarella, a cheese of Italian origin became famous in Australia at the turn of post-Second World War when Italian immigrants made the continent their home. By using it as a regular part of their cuisine, Mozzarella became an everyday part of Australian life.

This cheese, which belongs to the pasta filata family, is known for its superb melting, stretching, browning properties and elastic consistency. Usually bought in a pear or loaf shape and purchased fresh or aged, Mozzarella has become a favorite in snack foods, anti-pasta dishes, salads, pizza’s, calzone's, foccacia's and various side dishes.

Mozzarella has a mild, slightly sweet taste and generally is moist due to the brine solution. The loaf, aged and commercial variety however are drier and have a milder flavor. Its good melting properties blend well with baked dishes, sandwiches and pastas.

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