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Fruit Cream Cheese

It is sold in cylindrical loaves or cut by the slice. The cream cheese is combined with a selection of dried fruits and flavorings (liqueur etc) and rolled in nuts, pepper seeds or herbs. Its light, smooth and creamy consistency and mild flavor makes this suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. It is available in block form, soft and reduced fat varieties.

Top photos from Twitter

7 hrs
Mickey mouse pancake with cream cheese & she ordered fruit on the side #hudsonscafe
12 hrs
Fruit salad & Homemade banana bars w/ peanut butter cream cheese frosting on the Set of @JudgeFaithTV yesterday.
1 day
Dear Future wife all I need is fruit, strawberry, cream cheese and, bagels! πŸ‘ŒβœŠπŸ’―πŸ‘
Jul 23
Red Velvet Cake with Peach Fruit hidden inside along with cream cheese frosting
Jul 22
#foodiechats watermelon basket . Can't go wrong with fruit. Also made a fluff/ cream cheese and marshmallow cream.
Jul 20
Whole wheat bagel, w cream cheese, drowned in fruit πŸ˜…
Jul 19
Bringing a little color to this dreary day! A "healthy" fruit pizza with brownie crust & cream cheese frosting πŸ˜‹
Jul 19
@IntertwEAT @WoodcuttersArms Dessert is Fruit Crumble with REAL homemade cream cheese ice cream, wow this is so good.
Jul 18
Looking for a sweet fresh snack?? Try a fruit roll, Fresh strawberries, cream cheese and just a dash of sugar!!
Jul 18
Delicious & Nutritious: thanks to Lydia B. for a great medley of fruit, bagels and cream cheese!
Jul 17
my new favorite vegan dessert! Vegan Cream cheese whip cream almonds walnuts and fruit medley! #veganfood #vegan
Jul 15
Mini Fruit Pizzas with Cream Cheese Frosting. Get the recipe hereΒ Β» #food #recipe
Jul 15
Celebrating Tuesday with cream cheese fruit tart. So good I had to get a second piece and hide it for later.
Jul 14
Thanks @akercoon for his goat cheese lasagna & salad, and @tuskerboar for his fruit dessert & homemade whip cream. :3
Jul 14
If you're ever in a funk go out and get some whipped cream and cream cheese and make yourself a damn fruit dip!
Jul 11
Brownies with cream cheese frosting and fruit for toppings for my favorite manager's birthdayπŸ’•πŸ˜‹πŸŽ‰
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