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Fruit Cream Cheese

It is sold in cylindrical loaves or cut by the slice. The cream cheese is combined with a selection of dried fruits and flavorings (liqueur etc) and rolled in nuts, pepper seeds or herbs. Its light, smooth and creamy consistency and mild flavor makes this suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. It is available in block form, soft and reduced fat varieties.

Top photos from Twitter

Mar 19
Continental #breakfast ready to go! Fruit, muffins, croissants, #bagels, flavored cream cheese, juice & coffee!
Mar 09
Yum yum yum! Fruit and cream cheese graham cracker crust pizza😍
Mar 06
Oatmeal, Chipotle and cheese eggs, mixed fruit, and a cookies and cream protein shake. 😍
Mar 06
@WayPointeMarina it an all day affair! It has all the breakfast staples eggs, sour cream, cream cheese & fresh fruit!
Feb 23
Spam & eggs, bagel with cream cheese & fruit punch 🙌
Feb 22
Brie double cream, blue cheese, goat cheese, carefully aged cheddar, salami fruit and pepper jelly 😩 #welikeourcheese
Feb 21
Cam made me a bagel & cream cheese & yogurt with granola & fruit :)
Feb 19
Strawberries and grapes (w/ cream cheese fruit dip on side) Yum!! Made w/ #popagraph app :)
Feb 04
Dinner for one? Brownies with fruit & cream cheese 😛🍓🍊🍍
Jan 31
#MyDineOutStory Maxs desserts are really masarap. Buko pandam gulaman with ice cream & frozen fruit salad w cheese.
Jan 26
Get in my belly you strawberry cream cheese fruit dip.
Jan 23
Yummy too! Mixed fruit cake coated with a layer of cream cheese & white chocolate ganache & dusted with red cocoa!
Jan 22
My first attempt at a watermelon cake with fresh fruit and cream cheese frosting 🍰🍉🍓🍇
Jan 21
@midtovvn This is what I meant when I said that we mix ice cream with cheese in a fruit salad.
Jan 13
Make ur own vegi cream cheese u lazy bastards !!! And add some dried fruit to ur breakfast too
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