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Folded cheese with mint

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Fruit Cream Cheese

It is sold in cylindrical loaves or cut by the slice. The cream cheese is combined with a selection of dried fruits and flavorings (liqueur etc) and rolled in nuts, pepper seeds or herbs. Its light, smooth and creamy consistency and mild flavor makes this suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. It is available in block form, soft and reduced fat varieties.

Top photos from Twitter

Aug 23
Cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel, fruit and orange juice. This breakfast is a dream!
Aug 20
Breakfast @wallacespace clerkenwell green. Bagel + cream cheese + marmite, or smoothie & fruit? All of the above..?
Aug 18
Fresh local fruit for dessert tonight. Oh yeah and some butter and cream cheese!
Aug 16
Just reading and enjoying my morning... Blueberry bagel w/ wild berry cream cheese, green tea, and fruit 🙌☺️ #panera
Jul 24
Mickey mouse pancake with cream cheese & she ordered fruit on the side #hudsonscafe
Jul 24
Fruit salad & Homemade banana bars w/ peanut butter cream cheese frosting on the Set of @JudgeFaithTV yesterday.
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