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Curd has a mild taste with a semi-soft and creamy texture. It has a white color. This kind of cheese is used, especially for cooking and melting.

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Aug 24
if our relationship was a sports team, our mascot would be the cheese curd @GWeller66 @mnstatefair
Aug 20
Gluten free biscuit, 1 teaspoon of low fat soft cheese and 1 of lemon curd (a bit naughty 😊) Tastes like cheesecake!
Aug 20
One week of normal eating! Caesar with dry curd cheese and a smoked turkey and cranberry sandwich. So good:)
Aug 19
Just made a ginger curd and cream cheese cake for the #Croydon emporium tea room tomorrow. #yorkshirepreserves
Aug 19
#Risotto with @WoodlandsOrgani spaghetti squash & fennel plus @goatwooddairy cheese curd. Fennel top scattered over.
Aug 19
Mushrooms, tomatoes, preserved onions, Wilton cheese curd and pesto flatbread
Aug 19
For boyfriend ❤️ Muffins on #strawberry yoghurt, with curd cream and cheese Mascarpone🍓🍓🍓 #cooking #muffin #homem...
Aug 18
Our special Pierogi Poutine- Potato Pierogi, Bacon Braised Cabbage, Pork Shank, Cheese Curd, IPA Gravy #Foodiechats
Aug 17
Candied Pork Belly with Indiana Melon and Fresh Cheese Curd by @traderspointcreamery at #digin2014.
Aug 16
That may look like butter, but it's really a cheese curd. :o A little plain looking, but it's still tasty.
Aug 15
Berry preserves on a cheese curd, not sure how I feel about this. #soconfused
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