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Chura Kampo

Chura Kampo is a Tibetan dried cheese made from soft curds resembling cottage cheese. To make the cheese dara or buttermilk is boiled and then cooled to allow the whey to separate. In Tibet, these whey curds are called chura loenpa or ser. Most people in Tibet do not add anything to the curd. They just eat it as chura loenpa or shape the curd to dry it. Sometimes melted butter, sugar is added to it and mixed well. The curd is shaped into balls, flat wafers, noodles or beads and left to dry in the sun or dried in the oven on low heat. When the curd dries out well, it is called Chura Kampo, which means hard dried cheese.

  • Made from yak's milk
  • Country of origin: China and Tibet
  • Region: Tibet
  • Type: hard, artisan
  • Texture: dense, dry and firm
  • Rind: natural
  • Aroma: aromatic
  • Synonyms: ser, chura loenpa

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